Policy Research and Advocacy (PRA) is one of the core businesses of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (the Council). With a mission to advocate for justice and rational public and social policies, we carry out various kinds of policy researches and advocacy works, including collecting data on social development, so as to understand and predict the trend of social development. In addition, we conduct scientific researches on policies to create impact on welfare and social development. We also maintain regular dialogue with policymakers and monitor the implementation of policies proposed by the Council.

Experiences of HKCSS in conducting SIA from 2011 to now


Period Name Description Beneficiaries Project duration Report
Jul – Aug  2012 New World Swimming Academy A programme co-organized by the New World Development Company Limited and the Hong Kong Armature Swimming Association to sponsor 100 primary students from the under privileged families to attend swimming lessons for free.  It aims at nurturing kids with potentials in swimming who are yet deprived of resources and chances to be trained.  Outstanding students in the programme will be selected and trained to become professional swimmers. Primary school students from low income family 2 months Download
Jan – Jun 2012 CLP – Hotmeal service The CLP – Hotmeal service aims at providing assistance to low income families and unemployed persons who are not on CSSA through extra-valued hotmeals.  Apart from easing the beneficiaries’ immediate financial burden, information and network on employment are also provided to facilitate the beneficiaries to re-join the labour market.  Low income families and unemployed persons without receiving CSSA 6 months Download
Apr – Aug 2015
Apr – Aug 2014
Apr – Aug 2013
Honing Skills in Hospitality The programme is organized by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotel (HSH) Limited to provide an opportunity for the secondary school students of ethnic minorities with passion in hospitality to understand the industry, improve their academic performance in the subject and prepare them for developing their future career in hospitality through a two months internship and pre-internship inductions in a real world setting. Senior secondary students of Ethnic Minorities 5 months each  
Jan 2013 –
Aug 2014
Kiddy Heart Canteen Project The programme is organized by the Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service with the sponsorship from Maxim’s to provide primary school children and their families with extra-valued and nutrient-rich hotmeals.  In addition to the hotmeals, parental education workshops, activities to boost parent-child relations as well as kids’ social exposure have also been organized.  The programme aims at easing the risk of cross-generation poverty from the underprivileged family by alleviating the kids’ family financial burden, improving the parenthoods and offering social exposure opportunities to them.  Primary students and their families 1.5 years Download

Powerpoint Download
Oct 2013 – Sep 2014
Oct 2012 – Sept 2013
Rotary MORE – Youth in Transition It is a programme initiated by the Rotary International (District 3450) to support youths in transition to achieve upward mobility.  In order to facilitate upward mobility of youths in transition (with a preference to youth from the underprivileged families), a number of local NGOs were invited to partner with local Rotary Clubs to provide career development –related activities such as company visits, placement, career orientation assessment, mentorship to boost the youths’ motivation, option, rapport and esteem (MORE).  Youths in transition (aged between 16 and 24) 1 year each  
Sep 2013 – Aug 2014 Lo Ying Shek Chi Wai Foundation – PreSchool Children hotmeal service Financed by the Lo Ying Shek Chi Wai Foundation and executed by three local NGOs, the programme aims to ensure good health and development for preschool children from low income families.  To ensure the availability of food with good nutrition value to children from low income families, the programme provides hotmeals in the nurseries and parental education on food selection and preparation.   Parental education on parenting skills is also arranged for the involved parents to enhance their capacity in responding the developmental needs of the children. Pre-school children from low-income families 1 year Download
Jul 2011 –
Aug 2013
Jul 2010 –
Aug 2011
Love Ideas Love HK The “Love Ideas Love HK” campaign was launched by the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) since 2010.  It aims at promoting social progress in Hong Kong via engaging citizens in a united effort to come up with innovative and creative ideas to make this community a better place to live, learn and grow.  Grants were made by the LKSF to individual programme organizers selected by the general public through a voting mechanism to carry out their innovative project ideas in a year’s time.  Between 2010 and 2013, the campaign has organized three rounds of application and made grants to 764 projects.  Two social impact assessments were conducted to assess the social impact of the campaign.    1 year each  
Jul 2014-Jun 2015 Future Stars (Upward Mobility Booster) In 2014, the Commission on Poverty has launched a three-year programme entitled “Future Stars”. “Upward Mobility Booster” is one of the three sub-programmes. UMB attempts to help youth from less privileged families to learn more about themselves and plan for their future through activities, such as practical and soft skills training for the workplace and internship experience, with an aim of broadening their horizons and increasing their employability. Youths aged between 15 and 29 (Secondary 4 students or above, or those in the early stage of their career) 6-12 months  
Feb 2015-Aug 2015 Project +AD Funded by JP Morgan, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service starts an initiative of supporting workforce readiness of Associate Degree students and facilitating their transition from school to work. The initiative named “Project+AD” is to create pathways to opportunity of youth studying associate degree programmes by equipping them with knowledge, skills and experiences of working with students with special education needs in mainstream education. Associate Degree students 6 months  
Mar 2015-Aug 2015 Rotary MORE – SMS Project It is a programme initiated by the Rotary International (District 3450) to support youths in transition to achieve upward mobility. In order to facilitate upward mobility of youths in transition, the Salvation Army was invited to partner with local Rotary Clubs to provide career development –related activities such as 5 days pre-working training, 3 months placement, mentorship to boost the youths’ motivation, option, rapport and esteem (MORE). Youths in transition (aged between 15 to 29) 6 months  
Jul 2012-Oct 2015 New World Springboard New World Group Charity Foundation has started funding a programme named “New World Springboard” since 2012. It is a sustained community programme designed to invest in vulnerable children and youths by giving them a hand, so that their potential and capacity can be unleashed through sports and other societal exposures. It was originally a swimming programme named “New World Swimming Academy” in 2012 and was subsequently expanded to cover basketball training and other elements, such as mentorship. Children and youths aged 7-12, coming from low-income families 3 years  
May 2015-present Project on Cross-border and Ethnic Minority Families In April 2015, Yin Shin Leung Charitable Foundation has offered a donation to local social service organizations, for providing comprehensive services for cross-border single parent families and ethnic minority families. Cross-border and Ethnic Minority families 1 year